Saturday, November 29, 2008

Class #6 Materials

This week we will have the presentation from the Shawshank Redemption group, as well as listening practice about technology. Here is the schedule.
1. 9:00-9:30 My Hometown video recording and presentation preparation
2. 9:30-10:30 Shawshank Redemption group presentation (Yeah!)
3. 10:30-11:15 Listening practice and writing response
4. 11:15-11:35 Blog writing
5. 11:35-12:00 Risk game

Here is the podcast we will listen to for today.

The website for this podcast is
Listening Questions:
1. What should everybody be involved in everyday?
2. What are the two tech tips?
A. What is special about the first resource? Who is it primarily for?
B. What is the purpose of the second site? How could you use this site?
3. What is an ageless learner?
4. Where does an ageless learner get their information?
5. What are some of the old search engines that were used 10 years ago?
6. What is formal learning?
7. What is non-formal learning?
8. What is informal learning?
9. What percent (%) of adults are engaged in informal learning?
10. What percent (%) of adults are engaged in formal learning?

As many of our classmates do not have a lot of posts on their blog, I will give you 15 minutes in class today to write one post. Remember, to pass the class each person must have a)five blog posts b)three videos and c)participate in their group presentation.
Here is my information for each student as of this morning.
# of blog posts # of videos group presentation
Mandy 2 2 next week
Vivan 1 2 next week
Jingya 1 3 Yes
Phillip 6 2 Yes
Sean 1 3 Today
Elvis 2 1 (and 1 dino) Yes
Sam 1 2 Yes
Maggie 5 1 next week
Mega 4 3 Today
David 3 1 (and 1 dino) Yes
Chien Fong 3 2 Today
Anne 4 1 Yes
Viola 0 2 next week
Leon 1 3 Today
Hope 3 3 next week
Jillian 2 2 Yes
Edith 2 3 Yes
Fenny 4 2 Yes
Amanda 4 1 Yes
Cherry ? 1 next week

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